Help for managing the emotional rollercoaster of infertility.


Hopeful. Devastated. Optimistic. Grief-stricken.

You’re hopeful because you tried a new procedure. You miscarry and you’re devastated. Week to week, your emotions are on a rollercoaster ride that never seems to stop. You want this so bad, it’s become the entire focus of your life. You’ve given up vacations, buying a new car, and lots of things other people have because the whole process is so darn expensive.

And no one seems to get it.

I hear you. After personally experiencing 8 years of infertility treatment, I can say I have literally walked in your shoes. I’d like to be the therapist for you that I wish I had. One who understands the unique twists and turns involved with trying to conceive. One who can offer coping skills developed from living that experience.

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Create the life you want.

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